Policy Platform

It's time to reimagine global development for a new era. Here's how we can harness the power of innovation and technology to move closer to the 2030 SDGs.

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2023 Policy platform priorities

1. Increase impact by paying for success

Innovators want to get paid to deliver results. By shifting from pay-for-activities to pay-for-results we can cut red tape while increasing accountability and impact.

2. Make the United States’ approach to global development synonymous with innovation

The United States is uniquely positioned to both help countries promote economic growth, develop domestic innovation ecosystems, and access world-class technologies to leapfrog their economic and social development goals. But making this shift will require major changes in policies and programs.

3. Promote accountability and country choice to drive results

By embracing transparency and moving away from project-based aid models in favor of partnership-driven ones developed in concert with countries and communities, the U.S. government can promote better and more sustainable development outcomes.
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