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Rebuilding our public institutions to achieve the SDGs

This Fall, Unlock Aid is hosting a series of discussions on how our public institutions must evolve to achieve the SDGs. Learn more and get involved here.

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We’re driving a campaign to build a government fit to solve global challenges

The United States is on the verge of spending $200 billion over the next four years in foreign aid. Here’s our chance to shape the future of global development.

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The world's current, collective effort to prevent the next pandemic, combat global food insecurity, or adapt to a changing climate does not operate with the urgency, flexibility, or innovation required to succeed.

Unlock Aid is the world's leading coalition of social innovators driving policy changes to restructure how the United States invests $50 billion every year in foreign aid.

Our plan

Number one

Pass landmark reform legislation

Re-architect the U.S. approach to global development by prioritizing sustainable economic growth, innovation, and transitioning away from project-based aid models in favor of direct partnerships with countries and communities.

Number one

Invest in innovation

Position the United States as the partner of first resort for any country and community that wants to use to innovation to accelerate progress towards achieving their development objectives. Support countries that want to build their own domestic innovation ecosystems.

Number one

Accelerate action

Pressure U.S. global development agencies to take action now to pay for results instead of activities, scale proven innovations to the world’s hardest problems, and direct more funding to local, national, and front-line innovators with a track record of impact.

News + updates

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Who we're counting on in 2024

There's just one year left for the Biden-Harris Administration to keep its promises to reform the U.S. approach to global development. Here are nine actors who can make a difference.

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Join us for a series of global conversations

We need to transform the way the United States and other international partners invest in global development.

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Let’s scale proven solutions, wherever they’re needed

To achieve global targets by 2030, 21st-century global development agencies must take a truly “global” approach.

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Reimagining global development

Solving the world's hardest problems will take a transformation in global development. We are championing policy reforms to empower innovators, break down barriers, and unlock funding. We’ve written a blueprint for the way forward.

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